Message from Dianne ...

Sorry to inform you that  because of the coronavirus I have had to suspend visits to the studio and my pick up - drop off service from Purely Patchwork temporarily.  I am still accepting postal quilts. If you require further information about posting your quilt please ring  on 01567 830380

Take care

Welcome to Lochearn Quilting

Winner of the Scottish Quilt Championship for Longarm Quilting - 5 Years in a Row!

Like you, I was an addicted patch worker, but found the quilting very time consuming and, for me, quite tedious. I found the perfect solution in a Gammill Machine Quilting System (a longarm or long arm quilting machine), which I purchased, the results are beautiful and I have not looked back since.

I love quilting and offer this service to other quilters. The patterns are lovely and when quilted look stunning. I am now computerised and that has reduced my waiting list from 7 months to zero. The edge-to-edge patterns are very popular, are not expensive and produce a wonderful finish on a quilt. Custom quilting takes longer and is designed for that particular quilt, be it stitch in the ditch, blocks, borders, meander or whatever you have in mind. This is more expensive because of the time taken. Basically, the more you want on your quilt, the more it will cost but if you have that special quilt it is well worth the expense - what you will have is a family heirloom.

My studio is in a beautiful part of Scotland in the National Park. My husband, Matthew, is a Chef and runs his own guest house - find out more at Lochearn House. Some people book their quilt in and book our special 3 day break, enjoy their holiday and go home with a completed quilt - neat!!! Another option is to post your quilt to me, which will be returned to you completed - easy!!!

Please feel free to telephone to discuss your quilt, a quotation, or for more information.

About Dianne Watson - Lochearn House and Lochearn Quilting

Dianne WatsonDianne has been a keen embroiderer all her life, all the pictures in Lochearn House have been made by her, and the attic still holds quite a few because, as, they downsized over the years, they ran out of walls!!!! She has done embroidery, tapestry, cross-stitch and appliqué pictures as well as countless other projects.

Dianne also became interested in Patchwork and while surfing the net came across a machine, which changed her life. One of the reasons they moved to Lochearn House was for the double garage, which they converted to a Studio. She bought a Gammill Quilting System and now quilts for other patch workers who make the patchwork tops, send them to her, she puts on the backing, adds the wadding, quilts them, and sends them back.

A few years ago she started entering competitions and has done very well. She has gained a considerable number of 1st prizes for longarm quilting. She has appeared in quite a few magazines and articles, and has quilted many quilts for other people who have gone on to enter and win shows.

A lot of her customers stay for Bed and Breakfast ( book in their quilt and have it quilted while they are here. She also does a monthly pick up, drop off' service in Linlithgow as well as her postal work

There are quilts and throws which Dianne has made, available for sale, if you would like to buy any – just ask Matthew, he will be happy to show them to you.